FAQ – frequently questions

Where is Werfenweng?

Near to the sky is werfenweng situated, imbedded in a breathtaking mountain-panorama. Our small village is realy something spezial, a piece of jewellery in Salzburger Land. Accurately defined is Werfenweng 40 km in the south of the city Salzburg situated in the great Pongau.

What's the best way to come to Werfenweng?

By TRAIN you can reach Werfenweng from everywhere in Europe

We develop for you your individual timetable and procure you your train-ticket (www.mobilito.at). We will pick you up at the railway station Bischofshofen and we will bring you to your accommodation. Of course you can arrive by your car, but then we will invite you to give off your car key, that your can also make holidays. Our gentle mobility in Werfenweng offers you a guarantee of mobility and great benefits -  just unbelievable!

Is it possible to ski in Werfenweng?

Yes, it is! Werfenweng offers you with a wonderful familiy-ski-area perfect possibilites to ski. Our mountain to ski „Bischlingshöhe" is a great point of view of the Salzburger Land. The 5km-long slope to the valley is a real Attraktion in the Salzburger ski-mountains..

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What are the Eiskögel?

The Eiskögel is the emblem of Werfenweng. It is a Mountain witz two tops and it is encluded in our logo. The big Eiskogel counts to most famous mountain in the Tennenmountains with his high of 2.321 meters. On the south and west side there are 1000 meter high rock faces. It takes you about 3 hours to get up to the top.

What ist samo?

samo is not a martial arts, it's a special holiday-offer. It means to have holidays from your car and to be mobil insteed with eco-friendly vehicles, and normaly, you will have fun with those vehicles! 

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Can I use my car in the village?

Yes, you can. There is no prohibition to use your car only a exciting benefit-package for those you want to permit their car also a spare time.

What is "mobilito"?

„mobilito" is the mobility-center of the area und combines your holiday with soft mobility. Those who work at „mobilito" are used to frequently questions. And they are willing to answer all your questions. Questions all about the arrival and departure by train, questions about die cheap train - and busrates in Europe and the land of Salzburg. Just ask - www.mobilto.at or call +43 (0) 6462/3303033.

Who initiated the idea of gentle mobility?

Peter Brandauer, is the dynamic major of Werfenweng and Initiator of samo. He is focused on good deed to human, aninmal and enviroment. He put all of his effort on enviralmental friendly tourism. "Set your car on a holiday as well", he says, " we care for your mobility."







The SAMO-principle