Dream Tour

Tip: this tour can be linked with the Ikarus cable car.

From the village square walk in an easterly direction towards Zaglau. Pass the church and follow the path through the woods between a stream and Zaglaustraße almost to the cable car station. At the drag lift you will cross the stream and continue to follow the path through the woods. At the car park the track begins. After 200m leave the track and follow a new path to the right. On the right hand side of the wood the path becomes somewhat steeper with a few hair-pin bends and after crossing a meadow you will join the track again. Close by you will see a marked spring. Fill up your water bottles as springs are hard to find at higher altitudes.

Now continue to follow the sign posted route. You can instead follow the track but this route is longer but not so steep! After 20 minutes the 2 routes meet up and you can either continue to follow the track or take a short cut towards Hundsdorfalm. A tip to help you choose: the short cut is not very steep and the Hundsdorfalm is not staffed. ("Strussing für Gebirgsgämsen": Strussing is staffed. This sign points however towards a steeper but shorter route, you will however pass by the hut on the route back down. A bit further through the woods you will reach Strussing where you can enjoy a beautiful view and revitalise! After a well earned rest follow the sign-posted route over the ski piste past Jakob-Riedl-Heim and towards the edge of the wood. Now follow a new path through the woods to Moosalm (1600m) where you will once more join a track. In a north-easterly direction you will already be able to see Anton Proksch Haus. However this route doesn't take you diredctly to the hut but first to the right following the sign-posted route across a ski slope and under the Ladenberg Peak and up to Bischlinghöhe (1835m) It's only a few metres from the cable car station to the cross marking the peak. Up here you should take time to rest and to take in the beautiful panoramic view. The Bischlinghöhe mountain guest house invites you to take a break.

Once ready take the right-hand track the walk in a southerly direction with lots of hair-pin bends over the ski piste and to Bischlingalm (1565m) Shortly you will reach the Scharte (1416m) and the start of variants 52a and 52b. Here you will reach the ski slope once more, cross over it to the right and you will once more join a marked path through the woods. After 400m you will reach the track which you saw on the route up. The next goal is none other than the Hundsdorfhütte, but you won't go all the way to it. There are three springs on the way down for refreshment. You will cross over the alpine pastures and once more join the route you took earlier back to Werfenweng.

Start point: Werfenwengvillage square
Distance: approx. 18km
Time required: 5.5 to 6 hours
Metres in altitude climbed: 1050m

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