Ikarus Höhenrundwanderweg

From the village square take the Wengeraustraße in the direction of the Wengerau at the end of the valley. After the sports field and tennis courts you cross a brook. The route now continues through Ruhdorf (Atelier Ruhdorf) to the Wengerau car park where you branch off to the right on the way to Dr. Heinrich Hackel Hütte. From now on the level ground of the valley becomes steeper and is partially littered with limestone. At the bench "Salzburg alp way" keep to the left. Now the way becomes much steeper and many metres in altitude are climbed.

In the wood you will pass the Stüdl-Monument. At the fork of Hackel hut - Brandstättalm bear left and you will reach the steep path with hair-pin bends on which it takes approx. 20 min to reach the Dr. Heinrich Hackel Hütte (1531m above sea level). From the terrace enjoy a marvellous panoramic southerly view from Hochkönig and the Glocknergruppe to Sonnblick. Next take the track from the Dr. Heinrich Hackel Hütte, you can now choose to continue the hike towards Zaglau in the valley or stay in the mountains on the footpath to the Brandstättalm. Take a left at the Brandstättalm (1575m above sea level) and follow the „Schotterstraße" in the direction of the Anton Proksch house. At the fork of the Frommer Kogel high footpath, keep to the right towards the Laubichlalm. From there the route is relatively flat, past the Marterl Schnapfenriedel (tree trunk with Maria´s statue), continuing in the direction of the Anton Proksch house, at the fork take the direction of the Anton Proksch house (5 min).

Here either take the Strussingstraße down to Zaglau or continue the hike. Past the reservoir you will reach the Anton Proksch house (lies about 30 m off the footpath on a small hill). In 250m at the fork follow the direction towards Moosalm (5 min, No. 52). After the Moosalm a footpath follows the wood to Jakob's Riedl home and then to the Strussingalm. From there the path continues parallel to the slope (direction Zaglau No. 52). After about 1 km you can take the footpath branching off on the right „Strussing for Gebirgsgämsen" as an alternative route.

The path "für Gebirgsgämsen" means in general a steeper, but shorter route. However, the main route continues on a less strenuous forest path, with marvellous views of Hochkönig. In the direction of Zaglau (50 min, No. 51.52) you leave the forest path and take the first right which at first is relatively even and becomes steeper with hair-pin bends across the alp pasture down to Strussingstrasse. After the ski lift car park do not follow the street, but keep to the left next to the brook. At the drag lift cross onto the right-hand side of the brook and follow the footpath down the valley past the church and finally you will reach the village square.

Start point: Werfenweng village square
Distance: approx 15.5km
Time required: approx 6 hours
Metres climbed in altitude: 820m

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