Fauna and Flora tour - alpine nature trail

Over a quarter of land in Salzburgerland is used as alpine pasture, approximately 2200 pastures are currently in operation which make up a large portion of the economy in Salzburgerland and also create wonderful areas for walking. Along the nature trail you will learn all about the rural industry and about the vegetaion and animal life. In the bronze age the pastures were already being used. As many vallies are inaccessible, boggy and not very fertile people began to use the areas above the tree line for cattle grazing and milk production. Due to modernisation the use of the alpien pastures has begun to decrease in the last few decades so steps are being taken to protect and preserve this important aspect of rural life.

A vast range of vegitation can be seen from thick mountain forests to delicate alpine roses and herbs. At the various stop of points along the alpine nature trail you can discover for yourself everything about this rural lifestyle. The Alpine Nature Trail book available from the Tourist Office guides you round the trail, explaining all the features along the way.

Start point: Wengerau (full tour) or Strussingalm (shorter version)
Distance: large tour 16km
Time required: large tour approx 6 - 7 hours (shorter tour 3-4 hours, shortest tour 2 hours)
Metres in altitude climbed: 900m

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