The Elmaualm is located on the south side of the Tennen Mountains at 1533 meters above sea level, under the Hochtrohn and offers a magnificent panorama.

The cottage was built in 1860 and was able to preserve its original character. The cozy atmosphere and the south-facing terrace invite you to relax. If it is colder times you can warm in the cozy  at the tiled stove.

The Elmaualm offers accommodtion up to 20 people. The Elmaualm is an ideal starting point for other hikes.


Open from late May to late October


Sbg. Bergsportclub/Rudolf Gollacker
Pfarrhofgutweg 5
5400  Halle

Tel. +43 664 91 69 900
Mobil: +43 650 64 38 537
Website: elmaualm-werfenweng.at
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