Enjoyment and vitality

Those who have all the time in the world, can endulge themselves in the good things in live.

For example with typically regional delecacies, prepared from grandmas recipe and with care.
Or how about a shopping trip to the shopping cities Bischofshofen and Salzburg - fashion, accessory and other beautiful things are available there.

Nah & Frisch supermarket – No need to travel, shop in the village!

Shops are a vital part of every small community. These shops have the important job of providing the inhabitants with everyday things such as groceries and clothing etc ... Find out more

Werfenwenger Bauernladen

Handiwork, present ideas, jewellery, or ointments and oils made from secret recipes of course. Home-brewed schnapps, liquors and wines to take away or to try. Relax in ... Find out more

Entschleunigung beim Familienskiurlaub in Werfenweng

Sportshops in Werfenweng

Sport-Equipment from sportsman for sportsman: With this device we became the first counterpart in the matter of sports. For us it is important to have high qualitative ... Find out more

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