FAQ – frequently asked questions

What does samo stand for?

samo stands for soft mobility.

Where does the electricity for the e-cars come from?

The electricity for the e-cars comes from a solar park in Werfenweng.

Where can I get the samo-Card?

You can get your samo-Card at the tourist board in Werfenweng.

How long is the samo-Card valid?

The samo-Card is valid during your whole stay in Werfenweng.

Can I join samo-activities without the samo-Card when I pay for it?

You can only participate at samo-activities with a samo-Card.

Why do I have to bring my train tickets?

When our guests arrive by trainthey can also use the Werfenweng-Shuttle for free. So to make sure they really arravied by train we have to check the train tickets. 

Why is the offer only valid when you stay at a samo-host?

The offer is only valid when you stay at a samo-host because the samo-concept is supported by the samo-hosts and an offer-group.

Why do I have to hand over my car keys?

samo stands for soft mobility. We offer our guests a vacation from their own car but still stay flexible and mobile with our electric cars.

Can I hand over my car keys also at my accommodation?

You can not. You have to hand over your car keys at the tourist board in Werfenweng.

When can I pick up my car keys?

You can pick up your car keys the day before you leave or the day you leave.

Can I keep my samo-Card or do I have to return it when my vacation is over?

Of course you can keep your samo-Card as a souvenir.

Do I have insurance while I rent samo-vehicles?

All the cars and fun-vehicles with a license plate have insurance.

Are there narrow necks during high season with the samo-mobility?

During high season we do recommend to make reservations for the cars at the beginning of your stay. You can rent our fun-vehicles for 30 minutes. If the demand allows it we are more than happy to extend your driving fun.

How often can I rent a car?

You can rent a car once a week. If the demand allows it you can rent a car more often.

Do you have car seats for children?

We do have seats for children.

Can I bring my pets to the activities?

Pets are more than welcome. Please make sure to ask for a pet-blanket when you rent a car.

Does E-LOIS also drive outside of Werfenweng?

E-LOIS will pick you up and drop you off in the Werfenweng area only.

The SAMO-principle

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