Greifvögel in der Natur des Salzburger Landes

Bow hunting cours

Compede in archery and see who is best!

Spent a fun-day outdoors and visit our archery trail. After a short warm-up training on the targets, the hunting instinct fully awakes. Use bows and arrows to hunt in the nearby woods and shoot the most diverse 3D animals.

Information archery

Peter Ampferer Mobil: +43 (0) 664 14 22 533
Sonja Ampferer Mobil: +43 (0) 664 54 02 203

Lehen 11
5452 Pfarrwerfen

Registration required! From 15 of May of 10:00 o'clock bis 06:30 pm
Kutschfahrten in Werfenweng

Soft Mobility

For a memorable soft mobility and romantic trip book a horse drawn carriage!
Information at Pferdehof Oberegg,, here you can ride with good-natured horses through the meadows and forests of Werfenwenger landscape. 


Ikarus Höhenrundwanderweg

From the village square take the Wengeraustraße in the direction of the Wengerau at the end of the valley. After the sports field and tennis courts you cross a brook ... Find out more