Werfenweng - all time in the world

The most beautiful season to visit us? Every single one!

Majestically they tower towards the crystal-blue sky the imposing peaks of the Eiskögel. On the high plateau at the foot of the Tennengebirge lies the small town Werfenweng. Nestled amid beautiful scenery that will make you sigh in wonder, they offer their guests ana especially valuable commodity: All time in the world. At any time of the year.

A holiday with us in Werfenweng offers a pleasure of a special kind. Something valuable that nowadays hardly found. We offer you time. Time to come to rest and to enjoy the finer things in life. The idea behind it is, Samo - the decelerated vacation concept! Soft Mobility (Samo) stands for environmentally friendly travel. As a SAMO guest, you have arrived by bus or train or leave your car here on site. For this, you will enjoy our soft-mobility Free.

So you spend your precious holidays without noise and stress, surrounded by unspoiled nature and fresh, clean air. Recharge your strength and energy and return satisfied and refreshed back home. How lovely!

Alpine Pearls

Alpine Pearls is a predicate for exceptional holiday destinations in the Alps. But it is also your gateway to 27 municipalities in Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, France and Switzerland. Werfenweng and they all distinguished in that they provide more than just a lovely stay. Soft Mobility is the magic word for guests looking for real deceleration. 

History and Stories

Already in the 11th century Wenga is first mentioned. Many stories wrote the story since then ... 

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