Stories of History

Somehow they have managed that Werfenwenger, "earlier" to preserve the good of: undestroyed nature and happiness.

In the last century the Tyrolean struggle for freedom found against the French in the battle at the pass Lueg with participation of Werfenwenger peasants under the leadership of the peasant and Protect main man Peter Sieberer instead. During World War I, the municipality Werfenweng from all municipalities of the former monarchy - in terms of population - complain most victims. But yet the people have here can never be beaten. They were and have remained loyal to their homeland and have repeatedly used with a healthy pragmatism, unwavering joie de vivre and serenity for the good God-fearing Werfenweng.

Until 1938 it was in the small community on the valley just a simple cart road - only in 1938 an access road from Pfarrwerfen to Werfenweng was built. The cornerstone for tourism, it is said to being added during the second World War. At that time, women from Cologne were evacuated before the bombing to Werfenweng and allowed to recover there. Many of them came later with family again.

Another milestone for the awakening tourism was the commissioning of the first lift in the year 1956th

1091 is Wenga (forest) - later Gweng (pasture, meadow) - first mentioned. Throughout history has then changed so much. In the 14th century an Archbishop Urbar Office is built in the small mountain town in the Tennengebirge and 1509 dedicates to the Sanctuary of "Mary's Birth", which still adorns Werfenweng as a late Gothic church. Mid-18th century is the forced emigration of the Protestants a turning point, at the time to leave their homes 80% of the population. Early 19th Werfenweng the complete alpine leisure program. The town developed annually to a recreational idyll with 200 000 overnight stays. In 1994, the burglary. With the Tauern motorway, guests at Werfenweng were passed to the south.

Mayor Peter Brandauer, the youngest at 28 years Mayor of Austria is 1989 recognizes with which pounds Werfenweng can proliferate:

With a uniquely beautiful, unspoilt natural landscape, with fresh air and heavenly peace, away from the hustle and bustle.

To obtain this precious gift, Werfenweng since 1997 model destination for "Sustainable Mobility - Car Free Tourism". Whoever comes as a guest here today, enjoying all the amenities of modernity and yet can experience tradition and genuineness. That's almost a small miracle.

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