Salzburg Alpine Path: Dr.-Heinrich-Hackel-Hütte – Pfarrwerfen, Section 31

Tour description

The starting point is the Dr.-Heinrich-Hackel-Hütte. Descend into the Wengerau, turn off at Güterweg after 800 m in the direction of the Gamsblickalm. After 500 metres, take the steep footpath to the Elmaualm. After another 800 m at the spring, descend in the direction of Pfarrwerfen to the Mahdegg-Alm. Past there, leave the access road and take the footpath down to the right. After crossing a stream (do not take the fork in front of it), head downhill to the Samerhof farm. Immediately afterwards, the trail leads across a meadow to the edge of the forest, where a footpath continues to Lehen. At the fish ponds to the Prandbauer farm, turn off towards Wengergraben valley out towards Pfarrwerfen.

Tour details

Path markings: 31, 31c, 31d, 32, 32c, 32f, 51
Starting point: Dr.-Heinrich-Hackel-Hütte
Route length: 15 km
Walking time: 7 hours
Altitude difference: 800 m
Difficulty: medium

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