Salzburg Alpine Path: St. Martin – Dr.-Heinrich-Hackel-Hut

Tour description

The starting point is the church in St. Martin am Tennengebirge. Leave the village in a westerly direction to the Buttermilchalm. Past there, turn left onto a forest path to the Ostermaisalm, continue down to the Karalm and up the footpath to the Koreinalm. Past the Frommer Hochalm, turn right, past the Laubichlalm and the Brandstättalm, to the Dr.-Heinrich-Hackel-Hütte. From here you can descend to the Wengerau or the Zaglau.

Tour details

Path markings: 51, 201
Starting point: Church St. Martin/Tgb.
Route length: 13 km
Walking time: 6 hours
Altitude difference: 822 m
Difficulty: medium

Refreshment stops on route

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