White, Green – Basic, Plus
The right Werfenweng Card for every venture

Getting the most out of your holiday – at any time of year

Depending on when you plan your holiday with us, you can either get the summer or winter version of the Werfenweng Card. This ensures that you can always explore the sites and places in our region that are at their most beautiful at this time of year. In addition, you have the choice between a Basic and Plus version, so that you are guaranteed to get the most out of your short or longer stay. What all cards have in common are our mobility offers, such as the unlimited use of our E-LOIS, the W3 shuttle and many more, which you can take advantage of in summer as well as in winter and with the Basic as well as with the Plus Card without deducting any points.

Werfenweng Card Winter

W like Werfenweng & winter fun

Hiking with alpacas, horse-drawn sleigh rides, cross-country skiing courses: In winter, with the help of the basic or premium version of the Werfenweng Card, you will discover not just any, but the most beautiful sides of our town.

*Price for guests who are not staying at partner accomodation.

Basic (100 points) Adults

€ 20,-/€ 50,-*

Basic (100 points) Children

€ 15,-/€ 38,-*

Plus (300 points) Adults

€ 42,-/€ 105,-*

Plus (300 points) Children

€ 35,-/€ 88,-*

Werfenweng Card Summer

Sun, Lake & Sightseeing

Themed hikes, bike tours and free admission to a wide range of attractions in the area: you can experience all this and more during your summer holiday with the Plus or Basic version of the Werfenweng Card.

*Price for guests who are not staying at partner accomodation.

Basic (200 points) Adults

Prices to follow

Basic (200 points) Children

Prices to follow

Plus (400 points) Adults

Prices to follow

Plus (400 points) Children

Prices to follow