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5 points

Alpaca walk

It’s a cosy evening walk with the alpacas Ivo and Isidor. In the glow of torches, the two accompany you along the heavenly snowy walk. All you need is a pair of sturdy winter shoes and warm clothes. Then nothing will stand in the way of this unique experience.

10 points

Guided themed hike

Hiking with Waltraud – another unforgettable winter experience in Werfenweng. Waltraud knows our village like the back of her hand and will guide you along the most beautiful paths, through the most magical winter forests and to the most wonderful views. Exciting stories and interesting facts about nature and the surroundings are included.

10 points

Horse-drawn sleigh ride

Drowned out by the tinkling of little bells, the horses’ hooves are barely audible as they work their way through the glistening snow. That’s all you hear as the sleigh glides through the beautiful surroundings of the Wengerau. A warming hut stop rounds off the winter experience of a horse-drawn sleigh ride.

25 points


People have been using skis to move through snowy winter landscapes for about 5,000 years. The big breakthrough of skiing came with the book of the Norwegian Fritjof Nansen, who crossed Greenland from east to west. You can find out the whole history of skiing in the Werfenweng Ski Museum.

40 points

Toboggan rental

It is not a winter holiday without tobogganing! Werfenweng offers a wide variety of toboggan runs: adrenaline-packed on the Rosnerköpfl, panoramic on the Bischling or sunny on the children’s toboggan run. On a tobogganing day you can test them all and choose your personal favourite. You can get the equipment for this from one of our sporting partners.

40 points


Hiking light-footedly through the snow, being very close to winter’s most beautiful natural scenery. Snowshoeing is relaxing for the mind and pleasantly challenging for the body. With our rental equipment you are independent and can hike at your own pace.

40 points

Cross-country skiing equipment

Gliding over snow, always with the most beautiful views in view: It’s not only fun for fast-paced alpine skiing, it’s also a lot of fun to slow down and clear your head. You can get the equipment you need at one of our partner sports shops.

40 points

Snowshoe hiking

When the snow and the blue sky sparkle in competition, the lungs fill with fresh air, the feet trudge cheerfully through the deep snow and the ears listen to exciting reports from nature, then you are on the move with Waltraud, our hiking guide.

40 points

Cross-country skiing course

In order to turn pushing and sliding into sporty gliding, you need instruction. In this taster course, the basics of cross-country skiing are taught and your first attempts on the track are expertly guided. The classic style is the best introduction to this trendy sport and will quickly give you your first sense of achievement.

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