Organic beef from Werfenweng


“Where the needs of the world meet your talents, that is where your calling lies.” – this is how the Ganglberger family quotes Aristotle. That’s why they decided to put the focus of their work on agriculture, because there is nothing more beautiful and meaningful for the family than working with and in nature, keeping Angus animals extensively and organically and using them to produce valuable, high-quality food.

A dairy farm used to be operated at the Hansenbauerngut, but this was given up in 1990. The agricultural land continued to exist, but was leased to a nearby farmer. The Ganglberger family came up with the idea of ​​reviving the “Hansenbauerngut” farm, which had been shut down and leased out. With no building left, they decided to plan a stable for purebred Aberdeen Angus.

In winter, the animals spend their time in the newly built free range barn. You get the best organic hay, naturally produced from our own land. The animals lie on a thick straw mattress. An automatic bedding machine, the “Strohmatic”, provides fresh straw every day. With the indoor crane, the hay is placed in front of the automatic feed pusher, which pushes the feed to the discharge chute and the hay automatically falls onto the feeding table below. In this way, the animals get whatever food they want.

The meat of the Angus cattle is of particularly high quality because it is very fine-grained. Since the genetics and breeding of the Angus cattle play a very important role in the quality of the meat, the Ganglberger family has chosen a breeding line based on the meat quality. The meat from their Angus cattle is therefore particularly tasty, juicy, well marbled and tender. Slow and, above all, even growth enables the animal to store the fat in the muscle, which creates the intramuscular fat – the natural flavor carrier of the meat. Since the passionate farmers do without an intensive fattening process and the animals grow slowly, the animals have no chance of becoming fat. The meat fiber remains fine, tender and juicy. The slaughter age of the grass and hay-fed steers and heifers at the Hansenbauerngut is between 24 and 30 months.

The Ganglberger family delivers the best quality to WengANGUSta because…

• …they are organic and do not use any plant protection products such as herbicides and pesticides or mineral fertilizers and keep the animals in a species-appropriate manner using nature-friendly measures
• …they have the best breeding lines and therefore have the best international top genetics. The Ganglberger family thus produces the best quality meat with a high intramuscular fat content.
• …they only feed their animals grass and hay and take them to high alpine pastures. As a result, they grow slowly – another important indicator to promote the development of intramuscular fat and achieve the best meat flavor.
• …they slaughter the animals gently and let the meat mature for a long time.