Werfenweng’s contribution
to sustainability

Soft mobility out of conviction

Werfenweng has been known for years for its soft mobility on vacation and we are proud of that. However, there is much more in Werfenweng where you can feel the awareness for a sustainable way of life and vacation.

Gentle mobility on vacation

We are happy to help you get here by bus or train and our W³ shuttle will take you from one of the nearest train stations to us in Werfenweng. Once there, you are still fully mobile with our extensive mobility offers. From our e-car fleet, to tickets for public transport in Salzburger Land, to our village shuttle E-LOIS, you have numerous options for getting around in an environmentally friendly way during your vacation with us in Werfenweng.

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Half of the area is a nature reserve

Around 50% of the total area of Werfenweng is a nature reserve. A large part of the Tennengebirge plateau has been a nature reserve since 1985.

And that’s a good thing! Because the purposes of the nature reserve are:

  • to preserve the unspoilt nature
  • to protect the special, original beauty of the landscape
  • to maintain the recreational benefits (hiking tourism) of the natural cultural landscape


Did you know?

We also pay attention to sustainability in our printed materials! For example, our Urlaubsbegleiter comes from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources, bears the Ecolabel and is Cradle to Cradle Certified®.

We are proud to be a pearl of the Alps!

Alpine Pearls – this currently stands for 18 exceptional vacation resorts in the Alps. Werfenweng and all of them are characterized by the fact that they offer more than just a nice stay. Gentle mobility is the magic word here.

The following criteria are among the requirements for membership of Alpine Pearls:

  • Mobility of day guests and the population
  • Preservation and improvement of environmental quality
  • Protection and care of the natural environment
  • Development and safeguarding of a feel-good ambience
  • Responsible and regional circular economy

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