We are proud
to be a pearl of the Alps.

Alpine Pearls

Alpine Pearls – that currently stands for 18 extraordinary holiday locations in the Alps. Werfenweng and all of them are characterized by the fact that they offer more than just a pleasant stay. Gentle mobility is the magic word here.
Experience an unforgettable holiday in the sense of a soft-mobile, responsible tourism: environmentally friendly, stress-free, sustainable and service-oriented right from the start. We are committed to people and nature, cultivate our regional distinctiveness, our traditions and values ​​and continuously create new areas where you as a pedestrian feel safe and comfortable. So that our children and grandchildren can still experience and enjoy the valuable goods of nature, joie de vivre and humanity.

Quality promise for your perfect holiday

The Pearls of the Alps are…

  • 18 places that invite you to take a gentle vacation.
  • 18 places that you can travel to in a comfortable and environmentally friendly way by train and bus.
  • 18 places that guarantee all-round carefree mobility on site, with numerous transport services – without your own car.
  • 18 places where you can experience new and environmentally friendly leisure and mobility offers of the highest quality.
  • 18 places where you can still move freely as a pedestrian – far away from traffic noise and car exhaust fumes.
  • 18 places that make soft-mobile holidays as easy as possible with outstanding service.
  • 18 places that preserve their regional, culinary and cultural heritage in all its diversity.

The history of Alpine Pearls

Alpine Pearls was founded in 2006 by 17 member locations, the “Pearls of the Alps”. This was one of the results of the two EU projects Alps Mobility and Alps Mobility II. Both go back to the initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. The focus here was on the creation of innovative, sustainable and climate-friendly tourism offers. The results of these EU projects are implemented in the Alpine-wide, transnational umbrella organization Alpine Pearls.

From 2007 to 2016, further new members were admitted who focus on gentle tourism, climate protection and sustainable holidays. Today there are 18 Pearls of the Alps in four countries where you can consciously and stress-free enjoy your eco-friendly holiday.

The 18 places at a glance:


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