I’m off then…
Your route to Werfenweng.

Travel sustainably, stay softly mobile – environmentally friendly & relaxed through your time in Werfenweng.

Time out for you and your car

As a location for soft mobility and environmentally friendly travel, we promote car-free holidays in Werfenweng. Treat yourself and your car to some time off and simply leave it on site. Or come directly to us by train and enjoy our shuttle and transfer service. We want you to relax from the very first moment of your holiday in Werfenweng: Birdsong instead of car noise, mountain air instead of exhaust fumes. Pure relaxation – from the moment you arrive.

Arriving by train

The soft-mobile, environmentally conscious travel experience starts from your home train station. From there, you can be taken comfortably to Bischofshofen, Pfarrwerfen or Werfen, and from there we take over.

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Travelling by car

Do you prefer to travel by car? No problem: Werfenweng is conveniently close to the A10, and once you’re there, you can switch to our soft mobility options if you wish.

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Shuttle & Transfer

NNot only interesting for those arriving by train: our shuttle & transfer services ensure that you always stay mobile during your holiday. That’s what Werfenweng stands for. That’s what “soft mobility” stands for.